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Our mission is to guide not only the children of our Faith Family but the children of our community to the love of Christ. We walk side by side with your children on their journey with Christ which will teach them to be disciples. We accomplish this through: Sunday School, Children’s Time and Children’s Church during both services, Vacation Bible School in the summer, and special events throughout the year. For more information please contact Debby Clifton. 

From our Director of Children's Ministries, Debby Clifton

Since we can't meet together for children's church, I have decided to post my lessons here until we can reconvene. My initial lesson was going to focus around Creation Care but I felt like a lesson focusing on "Super Heroes" was more than appropriate for where we are in the world today!

Together WE can change the WORLD (but first lets start with our commUNITY) 
Who is your favorite superhero? (Allow your children to share with you who their favorite superhero is and if they were superheros what super power would they have?) Talk to your children about how we have the opportunity to be real-life SUPERHEROES everyday as long as we allow Jesus to be the Light that shines through us everyday!
How do real-life super-heroes change the world? 
Who are our real-life super-heroes? 
Allow this to be an opportunity to talk about our present day heroes such as nurses, doctors, sanitation workers, janitors, postal workers, pest control techs, zoo keepers, etc.
Activity: Create Superhero Capes out of old pillow cases or blankets. Together come up with one "super power" your child would most likely have (kindness, love, courage, compassion, etc.) write that word somewhere on their cape, take a picture of your super hero and she it on our church's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/First-United-Methodist-Church-Millington-TN-277362889711/ 
TOGETHER we can make a bigger impact just by making 
choices to follow Jesus and show God's love. 

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" 
Psalm 119:105 
"Be kind to each other"
Ephesians 4:32

See the results of our children's "heroes" project below - Thankful. Click on the down arrow to download and view it.

Following are links to some Palm Sunday resources:



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