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Sunday School

Sunday School at FUMC Millington provides an opportunity to meet with fellow Christians in small groups to learn about the Bible and Jesus on a weekly basis. We currently have six adult classes and five children/youth classes. All are welcome to visit any of the classes below at any time!! For more information please email Sandy Stone at sandy.stone53@yahoo.com


 Nursery (Infants to 2 years) Ed. Bldg., Room 125

Teachers: Dale deMarigny and Mary Jo Rogenmoser

In these tender years, kids are like sponges soaking up everything they hear and see around them with a sense of awe and wonder. Ms. Dale & Ms. Mary Jo help our kids learn that God MADE me, God LOVES me and Jesus wants to be my forever friend through learning, playing and a loving presence. Faith begins at birth!

Pre-K (3 & 4 year olds) Ed. Bldg., Room 126

Teacher: Lindy Bayles

"Growing up" in this class means kids grow in their faith and love for God through music, learning and play.  Ms. Lindy gives out weekly leaflets to help families reinforce the lesson at home.  

Early Elementary (K-3rd Grades) Main Bldg., Room 209

Teachers: Joe Baltensperger and Linda Bacon

School-age children excel as they discover new abilities they never realized they have. Bible stories are shared and creative and fun activities are planned to foster a strong relationship with God, ushering children toward these discoveries in a faith-based setting, 


4th – 6th Grades Ed. Bldg., Room 216

Teacher: Amy Petit

With Connect, preteens revisit the Bible’s greatest stories, uncover major biblical themes, and discover how the Bible relates to their own lives. It’s Bible-centered Sunday School with just enough quirky humor to get them hooked. 

7th-12th Grades Ed. Bldg., Room 218

Teachers: Karla Hornsby & Debby Clifton

A fresh, timely, and biblically based resource, LinC helps you help your teens examine relevant faith and life issues using the latest music, movies, news and current events. Through engaging Bible study, you'll equip them to evaluate their world from a biblical perspective.

Youth Girls Bible Study

An informal group that meets at Starbucks on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 6 p.m.


Friends for Christ Flame Center, Room 116

Teachers: Beverly Burk, Steve Beckham, Carey Parham, Nancy Foshee, and Walter Kirkman

Friends for Christ is a discussion-based class led by a rotating teams of five leaders. The lectionary series, "Adult Bible Studies," which ties to the weekly sermon, is the basis for discussions. The class members represent a wide variety of life experiences and opinions which contributes to a better understanding of the scriptures. The class actively supports the ministries of the church by personal involvement, prayer and financial aid. We welcome anyone looking for a class to visit to determine if we meet your needs.


Life Search Flame Center, Room 115

Teacher: Roy Hall

Everyone of any age is welcome! We have a discussion class and we do not hesitate to tackle difficult life issues, hence our name, Life Search. We are a small family-like group and take care of and love each other. We study a variety of topics by several authors including: J. Ellsworth Kalas, Adam Hamilton, James W. Moore, and other authors and theologians.


Men’s Bible Class Williams Hall (Tuesdays at 7 a.m.)

Teachers: Rotate leaders

This group of older adult men also uses the Adult Bible Studies quarterly booklet as a guide. Alternating class members present the weekly lesson for information and discussion.

New Life Ed. Bldg., Room 214

Leaders: Mike and Beth Bright

This is a new class. Study has included books such as Francis Chan's "Crazy Love." Group activities also have included a cookout and a trip to the Memphis Zoo. 

Pathfinders Ed. Bldg., Room 129 (next to Chapel)

Teachers: Darlene McKee and John Smith

We are a group of believers looking for the right path. Sometimes we stray, but we have each other to help us stay the course to Christ. Come join us!


Seekers Flame Center, Room 119

Teachers: Caryl & Nathan Rawls, Rotate leaders

The Seekers Sunday School Class represents a range of ages, professional backgrounds, and opinions. There are opportunities to share opinions because rather than a lecture format, class involves a focused discussion with a leader to help keep the focus. For study materials, we have a tradition of rotating between Bible studies and social issues of concern to Christians. Reading the study material before class is not necessary, but is certainly acceptable and being a study leader is voluntary. The Seekers Class functions much like our church in that we have potlucks, social get-togethers, participate in service projects, and we support one another during those difficult times in life.

Soul Sisters Hospitality House

Leaders: Jan Cleveland and Nancy Carroll

Women of all ages are welcome.. We hope it is a place for all women of the church to feel nurtured and cared for. This is a new, first-ever class. Study includes the book "The Story Continues...The Acts of the Apostles for Today."