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Sunday School

Sunday School at FUMC Millington provides an opportunity to meet with fellow Christians in small groups to learn about the Bible and Jesus on a weekly basis. We currently have six adult classes and five children/youth classes. All are welcome to visit any of the classes below at any time!! For more information please email Sandy Stone at sandy.stone53@yahoo.com

FUMC Sunday School Program


Nursery – 2 years;  Ed. Bldg., Room 125

Dale deMarigny and Mary Jo Rogenmoser

            Children enjoy a loving and secure environment for learning and playing. 

3 & 4 year olds;  Ed. Bldg., Room 126

Lindy Bayles

            The main goal is to teach children about God and Jesus through patience, love, and play.  The “Grow Proclaim Serve” curriculum is used and weekly leaflets are sent home to reinforce lesson themes. 

Kindergarten – 2nd Grades;  Ed. Bldg., Room 209

Linda Bacon and Joe Baltensperger

            The “Grow Proclaim Serve” curriculum is about real kids relating to God and one another.  Activities, crafts, stories, and games are designed to enhance their faith growth. 

3rd – 5th Grades;  Ed. Bldg., Room 215

Need Volunteers

            A small but energetic group who strive to live Godly lives and be an example to others.  Curriculum with activities designed to create a visual and interactive projects can be selected.

6th – 8th Grades;  Ed. Bldg., Room 216

Need Volunteers

            A small but energetic group who strive to live Godly lives and be an example to others.  “Connect” is the current curriculum with activities designed to create a visual and interactive project. 

Youth (9th – 12th Grades);  Ed. Bldg., Room 218

Karla Hornsby, Debby Clifton, & A. J. Clarke

            A fresh, timely, and biblically based resource, “LinC” helps teens examine relevant faith and life issues using the latest music, movies, news, and current events.  Youth participate in a number of activities throughout the year. 


Friends for Christ:  FC, Room 116

Beverly Burk, Nancy Foshee, Steve Beckham, Carey Parham, Sam Pace

            Started in the 1960’s, this long established class uses the Adult Bible Studies literature series.  An occasional special study of other literature or spiritual interests is also used.  The class is led by a rotation of leaders and is oriented toward participation by all members 

Life Search;  FC, Room 115

Roy Hall

            This adult class was established in 1996 and recently the Sojourners class merged with Life Search.  The class is made up of singles and married couples of all ages.  Current study include Christianity and World Religions by Adam Hamilton.  A variety of topics by authors such as J. Ellsworth Kalas, James W. Moore, and Adam Hamilton.  Presently they are in partnership with Temple UMC to bring community meals to our neighborhoods once a month.

New Life;  Ed. Bldg., Room 214

Beth and Michael Bright

            This new Adult class was established in April 2017 with the purpose of having a class for young adults; although the class members consist of all ages and both couples and singles are welcome.

New Life focuses on literature that helps dive deeper into Scripture so that they can walk in newness of life with Christ.  They are currently studying Revelations by Stephen Witmer.

Pathfinders;  Ed. Bldg., Room 129

Darlene McKee, Vikki Massey

            A diverse class of parents, grandparents, and great grandparents with many different opinions that each one respects.  Class centers around a variety of different topics in religious materials.  Pathfinders rotate leaders and are currently studying The Parables of Paul by J. Ellsworth Kalas 

Seekers;  FC, Room 119

Nathan and Caryl Rawls, Judy Pace

The Seekers class is currently studying “The Life of Jesus” by Matt Williams.  This is an in-depth study connecting the Bible to life.  Future class activities will focus on how to apply Jesus' teaching to our world.  On Sunday mornings, all class members have the opportunity to express their faith beliefs as we learn from each other  

Soul Sisters;  Hospitality House

Jan Cleveland, Nancy Carroll

            Soul Sisters was formed in August 2017 as a class for women of all ages who are on a Christian journey through Bible study, Christian literature, and personal sharing.  Currently they are studying “Strong Was Her Faith, Women of the New Testament” by J. Ellsworth Kalas. Beginning Sunday, August 4th, the new book study will be "The God We Can Know," by Rob Fuquay.